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[Stiri] Saymol Fyly: the young rapper 'youtuber' who captured prostituted girls in drug stores in Madrid


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Rapper Saymol Fyly's YouTube channel has exactly 154,000 subscribers. Almost 64,000 on his TikTok account, 622 on Facebook, 31,000 on Instagram .

"I had to buy drugs to eat white rice / to buy a hotel / I had to rob a tobacconist." This is just one of the letters that this 22-year-old Dominican, who does not hesitate to appear in the video clips of him cutting cocaine and smoking joints. The song is called "My God" and has almost 48,000 views. So up to more than 50 songs with his videos including him, in which he is seen 'dancing', accompanied by girls, Latino gang members.

He calls himself El son de Bartola (that's how his first album was called, in homage to his mother) in some profiles and even on December 29 he uploaded a photo as a particular Christmas, congratulating Christmas and the New Year.

So he is one of the 37 detainees that the judge has not sent to provisional prison (only 8 have entered) in the Sana operation, the child prostitution plot that exploited, so far as it is known, at least ten adolescents out of 14 and 16 years.

Saymol Fyly

A dozen background


He was one of those in charge of 'recruiting' the girls, through his music, who were cajoled and hooked on drugs through crack Chinese to have them subject to his will and rape and exploit drug addicts who came to buy their dose in narcopisos of Usera. In Saymol Fyly's case, he did it through social networks, especially with her YouTube channel.

Fotograma de uno de los videoclips de Saymol Fyly

This urban musician has twelve previous reviews of different kinds, police sources specify ABC. He assures that he started in the 'artistic' world when he lived in the Dominican Republic, although upon arriving in Spain he progressed in his career, making a place for himself especially at the beginning in the so-called 'cockfights', encounters between rappers who challenge each other in improvisations.

In another post, a colleague asks him: «What does it take for the Dominican movement in Spain to explode?», To which he replies: «That they upload videos on pages, with women, and that the boy appear with them, that they do interviews ... That the Dominicans do not support each other only when they fight ».

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