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Am facut ultimul update al platformei IPB si anume IPB 4.5.3 , Totodata Tema actuala este una beta, neterminata ... vor aparea buguri pe care as dori sa le raportati la sectiunea "Support Forum", succes si bine a-ti revenit !


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Nick cu care joci: Alandala

Steamid:  STEAM_0:0:455982518

Varsta:  29

Experienta in amx: Asa si asa

Ai citit  regulamentul?: sladers rules

De unde ai aflat de server?: De pe net

Link Ore Jucate :  https://www.gametracker.com/player/alandala/respawn.sladers.ro:27015/

Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie ? :  

Ai dat like la pagina de Facebook?: da 

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1-  Talking bad to players nonstop (campers/noobs and so on) which is a sign of future abuse on admin commands

2 - Talking bad/Do not respect admins/Telling admins what to do/not to do

3 - Hours in the server - If even we close our eyes for your nickname you have 7 hours - NO

4  -  You dont deserver to be an admin you ruined ALL the chances we gave you.


Here are some nice examples of his behave on the server (this is from a single map) but this is happening every time when he joins.


"Alandala<56640><STEAM_0:0:455982518><CT>" say "pubg gg noob:))"

"Alandala<56640><STEAM_0:0:455982518><CT>" say "JOKER POTI LASA SI TU PANDA AIA MA OMULE?:)))"

"Alandala<56640><STEAM_0:0:455982518><CT>" say "ASA FISI SA STAI IN CUR DOAR:)))"

"Alandala<56640><STEAM_0:0:455982518><TERRORIST>" say "DONT CLIMB ON THE MAP NOOBS"

"Alandala<56640><STEAM_0:0:455982518><TERRORIST>" say "JHONNY MOVE DUDE:)"

"Alandala<56640><STEAM_0:0:455982518><TERRORIST>" say "SCHIMBO CA ARE LAG...:)"






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