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[AUTO] Movistar Car is born to digitize the purchase channel of the connected car


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It is the first agreement that Telefónica makes with a vehicle sales company


Telefónica and Clicars have reached an agreement to consolidate the digitization of the car sales channel connected to Movistar Car so that the Operator expands its commercial network with the incorporation of Clicars.com, leader in online car sales for 4 years, as an official distributor. It will be added to the own channels where until now it was possible to contract the service (stores, online channel and 1004).

This agreement is the first one made by Telefónica with a car sales distributor and will allow Molicar Car services to Clicars customers to be enjoyed, with the advantage for the user that it will be installed and activated at the time of purchase. vehicle. Similarly, the 'startup' pioneer in the sale of cars 'online', is the first dealer to offer this premium service to customers with the purchase.

In addition, the Movistar Car service, which connects the car to make it safer and smarter, will incorporate new capabilities related to the diagnosis and maintenance of the vehicle, allowing the connected car to be powered and improving its experience for customers.

Clicars customers will obtain this service at no extra cost, since it is part of the Premium Guarantee offered by the company. They will be able to control all the Movistar Car functionalities from their smartphone app. Some of the benefits around connectivity, security and savings that Movistar Car brings to the vehicle are the exclusive 10GB Wifi to have a data connection at all times; GPS navigator without consumption with optimal routes and SOS functionality, where if any impact is suffered, Movistar Car helps to manage it on direct channel with emergencies.

"From Telefónica we launched the Movistar Car service just a year ago as a service aimed at connecting the car to make it safer and smarter and available to all mobile phone users. Our goal was and is to move towards the fully connected car. Starting today, with the agreement with Clicars, they will enhance this objective, "said the director of Marketing for New Residential Business at Telefónica, Borja Nicolás.

"In this new context, it is essential to know how to adapt and offer drivers all the guarantees and facilities, protecting what is most valuable: their safety. In Clicars DNA we carry technology and trust, we are digital natives, and with the incorporation of Movistar Car to the premium guarantee services we offer, we add extra functionalities for our clients, providing them with a unique 100% digital customer experience, "says Pablo Fernández, co-founder of Clicars.

THE connected car and digitization with two clear trends that will mark the coming years. In fact, for this 2020 and according to market estimates, it is expected that in Europe practically 100% of new vehicles will be a connected car, with digital security, communication and navigation services. By 2030, it is estimated that approximately 70% of cars driving in Europe will be connected.

The leading online car sales startup Clicars with which Telefónica has partnered is booming, shooting sales up 62% compared to the same period last year despite the coronavirus crisis, and reaching a pace sales of more than 600 units per month. Since its birth four years ago, it already has more than 8,000 vehicles sold throughout the country and an accumulated turnover of 120 million euros, being profitable.

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