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[Auto] Apparently, the Nissan Navara 2022 would take advantage of elements of the X-Class


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One of the star models of the collaboration between Nissan and Mercedes-Benz was the X-Class pickup. The Stuttgart house wanted to venture into this segment and for this it trusted the Japanese firm. The plan seemed simple and success assured. Based on the Navara platform, they would shape a higher quality "clone" and wider equipment possibilities. However, the result of the experiment did not end as expected.

The reason: the public did not understand that a product of this type cost what they asked for it. For this reason, the star's house has ceased production without making much noise. In this way, the Nissan Navara has been left alone, maintaining its market share and business cycle. And this is where the surprise would be, since the engineers of the Asian brand would have decided to rescue part of the project that gave life to the late X-Class.

Nissan Navara and X-Class shared base and other technical and equipment elements


Although the Nissan Navara and Mercedes-Benz X-Class shared the platform, there were some technical differences between the two. The German model offered a more robust chassis and with a greater number of reinforcements. These modifications were intended to offer a more refined driving feel and less transmission of vibrations to the passenger compartment. In this way, they marked distance with other rougher and coarser products.

Well, if we take into account the rumors, the next Nissan Navara will use the solutions of the X-Class. Apparently, the Asian firm wants to minimize the development cost of its launches and the Navara would be among them. Therefore, they would endorse the changes introduced by Mercedes-Benz and place them in the next generation of their pick up. In this way, although it is not completely new, the evolution will be remarkable.

There are still a couple of years for the new Nissan Navara to hit the market. There are still no test mules performing validation tests, but we know that the aesthetics will undergo a great evolution. We saw it in a teaser video where Nissan advanced its future strategy and part of the models that will be in it. However, it is still necessary to know if these changes come, or not, so you will have to have patience.

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