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Am facut ultimul update al platformei IPB si anume IPB 4.5.3 , Totodata Tema actuala este una beta, neterminata ... vor aparea buguri pe care as dori sa le raportati la sectiunea "Support Forum", succes si bine a-ti revenit !



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  1. I guess i have to ask to get unban ?
  2. I do apologise fisichella- krissy and all the other admins ( except zavo ) ( in public ) I should have asked someone first where to post it or who should i speak with and the language i use ( just pissed off ) MY BAD Also i haven't got any evidence from the previous map where he was standing on the texture again raining down bullets MY BAD If anything in future i will ask first where what and how to do it coz obviously i didn't think about the post and if there is a way of taking it off just do it I dont like people breaking the rules doesnt matter good player ba
  3. BTW i guess im gonna get banned from this server everytime he comes to play but im not arsed for me he is a dickhead and he shouldnt be an admin ! Slaying climbers and 10min later he is climbing himself few times not once ! I will be happy to see if anyone else share the same opinion https://filebin.net/yrywaqirro5zc0ck
  4. Nick:TWlegeNDIP:Data / Ora:17/05/20 10:45Demo: https://filebin.net/k8ktnwljjj17ct1x
  5. Nick:GeorgiewIP:Data / Ora:28/04/20 11:50Demo: https://filebin.net/mep0eezxfx6gw9yu
  6. well done mate I wish everybody reports hackers but it looks like just few people does that https://filebin.net/ofeh4917nuttfbsf there is one more demo this ''PRO''
  7. Nick:RESPAWN .... 5 IP:Data / Ora: 24/02/20 18:00Demo: https://filebin.net/11akrmxwrkhp9mgl AIM
  8. Nick:disconeCTIP:Data / Ora: 11/04/20 23:30Demo: https://filebin.net/lse6nf6ryq6r6lln
  9. Nick: zorroIP:Data / Ora:11/04/20 23:25Demo: https://filebin.net/gxj6hdam971pkmhy wall
  10. Nick:amanovIP:Data / Ora:11/04/20 23:05Demo: https://filebin.net/nbgmkidphzukmjb9
  11. Nick:marianIP:Data / Ora:11/04/20 18:15Demo: https://filebin.net/35z30ave06ucnmd5
  12. Nick:RESPAWN~SLADERS~RO[12]IP:Data / Ora:10/04/20 22:35Demo: https://filebin.net/z7l366qtvb1f9zjy AIM WALL
  13. Nick:big mamaIP:Data / Ora:09/04/20 17:00Demo: https://filebin.net/32p390kvp7kmjrur AIM
  14. Nick:darius=HDIP:Data / Ora: 06/04/20 12:50Demo:https://filebin.net/50rsn59ep8iu3y7d and another ''PRO''

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