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Final Score (2018)

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Final Score

Final Score


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    • Action


When a stadium is seized by a group of heavily armed criminals during a major sporting event, an ex-soldier must use all his military skills to save both the daughter of a fallen comrade and the huge crowd unaware of the danger.



  • Dave Bautista
    Dave Bautista
    Michael Knox
  • Ray Stevenson
    Ray Stevenson
  • Lara Peake
    Lara Peake
  • Amit Shah
    Amit Shah
  • Pierce Brosnan
    Pierce Brosnan
  • Martyn Ford
    Martyn Ford
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Dave Bautista in toata splendoarea lui ... de bine ce vine sa isi vada cumnata si nepoata, da de belele fara sa vrea.
Merge la un meci de fotbal cu nepoata si acolo se intampla sa fie un terorist care vrea ceva si ameninta sa omoare 35.000 de oameni daca nu primeste ceea ce cere.
Chiar a fost un film bun de actiune, nu m-a dezamagit absolut deloc.

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